Water Distiller Laboratory Use DZ-10L

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  • stainless steel
  • Auto control when enter tap water stop
  • 335x855mm
  • 10L/Hr(0.528gal/hr) AC380V 50Hz, 7.5kw
  • No 110V for optional R6900
  • Carton 360x360x920mm 10kg

Summary of Use:

It applies in producing distilled water in laboratories of fields of medical treatment, health care, scientific research, chemical industry and colleges or universities.



1. It adopts high quality stainless steel plate and made by stamping and advanced welding technology.

2. Corrosion and ageing-resistant, simple-operating, stable function, safety and durability.

                                                           Major technical parameter                                                    





Voltage(V) AC220V 50HZAC110V 60HZ AC380V 50HZAC220V 50HZ AC380V 50HZAC220V 50HZ
Output Quantity(L/H) 5 10 20
Power(KW) 5 7.5 15
Overall Dimension(mm)(diameter*high) 220*750 260*855 320*970
NW(kg) 5 6 9.2
GW(kg) 7.25 9 12

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Water Distiller Laboratory Use DZ-10L