Water Distiller DZ-20L Laboratory Use

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  • Stainless steel
  • Auto control to stop heating
  • when enter tap water cut off, safety.
  • 415*720mm, 20L/hr, AC380V 50Hz, 15kw,
  • 220v for optional
  • Carton 540x390x7470mm 13kg

Water Distiller DZ-20L (20L) For Laboratory Use


20L Self-break Auto-control Water Distiller for Lab and Industry

Product Description


DZ-20L Self-break Auto-control Water Distiller
Model DZ-5L DZ-10L DZ-20L
Output of pure-water 5 liters/hour 10 liters/hour 20 liters/hour
Voltage AC 220V /50Hz AC 380V /50Hz AC 380V /50Hz
Heating power 5KW 7.5KW 15KW
Net weight 9.5kg 10.5kg 13.5kg

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Water Distiller DZ-20L Laboratory Use