Vacuum Drying Oven

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Product Description

This product is designed for drying and heating powder articles, as well as disinfecting and sterilizing of glass containers. With characteristics of short warming up times, low pollution and non-destructive drying, it is widely used in the field of medicine, food, light industry, chemistry, agriculture, environmental protection and experiment etc.Characteristics:
1. High-quality stainless steel or cold rolling steel inner chamber treated by anti-corrosion technology ensures longevity of the product.
2. Micro-compute single chip temperature controller with function of timing and over-temperature protection.
3. High-brightness digital tube display; Visual and precise value indication with outstanding performance; Light touch key for parameters setting.
4. Tightness of door is adjustable; Double-layer tempered glass anti-bullet door with high permissibility; Silicon rubber seal provides a high vacuum degree.
5. Storage, heating, experiment and drying process are all carried out in a non-oxygen environment filled with inert gases to prevent oxidation.
6. Optional air inflating port for insert gas replenishing.Note:
A II means: Intelligent Controller and steel Inner Chamber
BCII means: Intelligent Controller & Stainless Steel Inner Chamber
Optional Accessory:
Air inflating port for insert gas replenishing.

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