Thermometer Digital Standard Tip

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• Temperature range: 32˚C – 42˚C
• Display L˚C: temperature below 32˚C
• Display H˚C: temperature above 42˚C
• Accuracy: ±0.1˚C
• Display mode: LCD (3.5)
• Power: 0.15mW (working)
• Battery: AG3 1.5V, ordinary button battery
• Alarm: thermometer beeps after temperature taken
• Environmentally friendly – containing no mercury
• Memory
• Automatic shut-off

Packing Details:
Single Unit – 1 complete set in Cardboard Pack
(175mm x 68mm x 17mm), 40 grams

Carton – 360 Pieces (710mm x 320mm x 385mm), 14.7kg

Quality Approvals:

Design:              Modern with Large LCD Display
Temp Range 32 oC – 42oC
Accuracy:        ±0.1oPackaging :    In protective sleeve (incl. battery)

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Thermometer Digital Standard Tip