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Symetrex combines RF tipping technology with a unique anti-wall suction design to produce a low recirculation, high flow catheter. Engineered & designed to preserve access, the catheter design is made to improve patient outcomes.

Features & Benefits

  • Symmetrical tip – Less than 1% recirculation in forward and reverse flow
  • RF tipping – Smooth rounded edges with no side hole related issues
  • Anti wall suction design – Designed for maximum surface area and increased fluid flow
  • High Flow & Lower Pressure – 18% lower pressure gradient than Palindrome at a flow rate of 450mL/min
  • Secure attachment – Easy grip tongs for ease of use and no force attachment barbs, which can cause damage to the tip
  • Short Functional Tip – Significantly shorter than the competition

Ordering Information

Catheter Size Sets
15.5F x 19cm Symetrex Catheter Set MBNS019E
15.5F x 23cm Symetrex Catheter Set MBNS023E
15.5F x 28cm Symetrex Catheter Set MBNS028E
15.5F x 33cm Symetrex Catheter Set MBNS033E
15.5F x 37cm Symetrex Catheter Set MBNS037E
15.5F x 42cm Symetrex Catheter Set MBNS042E


Set Components:

  • (1) Symetrex Catheter
  • (1) Valved Introducer, 16F
  • (1) Introducer Needle
  • (1) Guidewire
  • (1) Vessel Dilator, 12F
  • (1) Adhesive Wound Dressing
  • (1) Tunneling Device
  • (2) Injection Caps
  • (1) Patient ID Card & Label

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