Surtron Diathermy 200W

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Surtron Diathermy 200W is a proper diathermo-coagulator to monopolar or bipolar precise surgery.

MONOPOLAR AND BIPOLAR ELECTROSURGICAL UNIT used in AMBULATORY SURGERY, GENERAL SURGERY PEDIATRIC SURGERy, PLASTIC SURGERY,VASCULAR SURGERY,endoscopy first aid, gastroenterology, ginecology, neurosurgery,orthopedics, pneumology, urology

Surtron Diathermy 200W CHARACTERISTICS:

  • any surgical procedure by a double generator SURTRON
  • Patient to plate contact control
  • Split return electrode use allowed
  • Minimally invasive surgical treatment allow
  • monopolar and bipolar independent output.
  • Auto start/stop in bipolar COAG
  • Working conditions, storing
  • power delivery by pedal and/or handle.
  • digital regulation and indication of the output power .
  • sound level control. adjustable power increment

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Surtron Diathermy 200W