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Anti-microbial misting involves the use of STERIFOG™ and an aerosol micron diffuser to create a dry mist that permeates an entire small room facility up to 50 cubic meters. It is a form of germicidal shock treatment that bonds to virtually everything – killing 99.9% of all microbes that cause illness and odours.

Sterifog™ is a two step disinfecting process.

Use Sterifog Disinfectant Fogger to treat EXPOSED areas e.g. – Patients room, baby rooms, Office building – smoking rooms, small kitchens, office toilets, walk in fridges, etc.

Use Sterifog Disinfectant Spray to treat UNEXPOSED (Hidden) areas. e.g. – under sinks, waste bins, door handles, under desks, shower floor, on cat litter boxes, Motor Vehicle air-conditioning vents, Motorcar interiors etc.

Kills Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Mildew, Mould, organic and inorganic odours.

SteriFog™ comes in:
350ml cans
SABS ACT 29 GNR 529/242566/060/770


  • 350ml cans

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