Spencer HomeJet 1000R Portable Suction Unit

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HomeJet suction device represents the synthesis of years of heavy investment in research and development. A team of engineers, in close collaboration with experienced emergency workers, have reached levels of lightness, reliability, and functionality until now unthinkable for a compact portable suction device. HomeJet is able to offer a suction capacity that is unmatched in its class. Is the only one with fast battery substitution and allows easy and quick installation of the canister which is directly connected to the suction unit, so as to reduce the number of components used and also any repair costs. HomeJet is the first suction device in the world equipped with an integral protective shell in polyethylene, which makes it immune to any shock and ready for use in extreme conditions. The exceptional stability has been achieved by placing the center of gravity at the maximum distance from the outer shell. The wide base further helps to increase the strength of the device.


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Spencer HomeJet 1000R Portable Suction Unit