Skin Stapler

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Application: For skin closure in: 1) General surgery 2) Heart and bosom surgery 3) Plastic surgery 4) Burn surgery 5) Neurosurgery 6) Field rescue 7) Gynecology and obstetrics 8) Emergency treatment For using in: operating room, labor and delivery, emergency department, outpatient surgery, clinics and physician’s office. Features: 1. Simple and reasonable design, easy to operate. No need of special training 2. High sewing up and stapling speed help to shorten the time of sewing the operation and able to reduce the postoperative bleeding and postoperative infection, greatly cutting down the laboring 3. Smaller tissue reaction, much thinner scar after operation, and the wound opposites better and cure faster 4. High quality 317L stainless steel stapler. Painless and convenient when removing staples after the operation incision healed up 5. Be able to suturing every kind of clinical wounds, good underservant of surgeon for skin closure 6. Could avoid the cross infection of many contagious diseases Model and specifications: Stapler type: 35R, 35W Wire diameter: 0.50mm, 0.60mm Size after closure: 5.4 x 3.6 mm, 7.2 x 4.3mm


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