Rotavirus Ag Rapid Test CE

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The OnSite Rotavirus Ag Rapid Test is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of rotavirus antigen in fecal specimens.

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Product Features

  • Stool collection device minimizes sample handling
  • Utilizes a pair of specific antibodies to detect rotavirus antigen
  • Detects Group A rotavirus
  • Result is available in 15 minutes
  • No cross-reactivity with other gastrointestinal infectious diseases

Product specifications

  • Individually sealed foil pouches containing:
    • One cassette device
    • One desiccant
  • Stool collection devices, each containing 2 mL extraction buffer
  • Plastic droppers (for transferring watery stool)
  • Patient ID stickers
  • Package insert (instruction for use)



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Rotavirus Ag Rapid Test CE