PVC Medical Disposable Ryle’s Nasogastric Feeding Stomach Tube

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Disposable aseptic gastric tube is mainly used for clinical emergency and critical patients to infuse liquid medicine, drink or flush into the stomach through oral cavity, and suck out liquid and gas. Compared with the common gastric tube, the double head gastric tube is easier to enter into the stomach, and the guide wire can prevent bending

Disposable PVC Ryle’s Stomach Tube

1.Made of medical grade PVC, the tube is transparent and clear.

2. X-ray opaque line through the whole tube.

3.Nurse can easily indentify different size catheter with different color connectors.

4.Stainless steel balls are sealed in the tip end; It is easier to indwell the tube at a certain position.


Product No. Size(Fr) Length(mm) Marked Position(cm)
ST10PR 10 1250 45/55


ST12PR 12
ST14PR 14
ST16PR 16
ST18PR 18
ST20PR 20

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PVC Medical Disposable Ryle's Nasogastric Feeding Stomach Tube