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“Dissolves natural oils, grease, petroleum jelly and suntan lotion.

PolyMicro provides a three-in-one formulation that cleans, sanitizes and disinfects. Specifically formulated for the hair & beauty industry, where natural oils, grease and petroleum jelly can be problematic. PolyMicro works effectively to eliminate all residues.

PolyMicro contains the anti-microbial agent Quadex™ and a balanced range of detergents, sequestering agents, alkalis and grease cutters providing a solution that eliminates pathogenic microbes responsible for the spread of disease.

PolyMicro™ is available in:
1 Litre trigger spray and 5 Litre Bulk
SABS ACT 29 GNR 529/242566/060/352


  • 1 litre trigger spray 5 litre

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