PolyMacro™ Fabric

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“Specially formulated to gently remove natural oils, grease, petroleum jelly and suntan lotion from fabrics.”

Specifically formulated to remove massage oils from most fabrics including – face creams, suntan lotion and natural oil build up in towels, face cloths and face sponges. Simply pre-soak in cold water for 30 minutes prior to washing.

Contains mild alkalis. Non toxic. Non corrosive. Non irritant. Non staining. Economical to use. Versatile – removes a wide range of soils.

Now available in an easy to use:
1 Litre “EASY DOSE” Dispensing bottle, 1 Litre refill and 5 Litre Bulk.
SABS 1828


  • 1 litre “EASY DOSE” dispensing bottle 1 litre refill 5 litre bulk

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PolyMacro™ Fabric