PolyMacro™ Enviro

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“High quality Heavy-Duty cleaner/degreaser based on naturally occurring materials.”

PolyMacro Enviro is an extremely active and efficient cleaner and heavy-duty degreaser. PolyMacro Enviro will readily emulsify and suspend even the toughest of greases and oils and can be used with confidence on a range of surfaces/materials to be cleaned. It may be readily diluted for milder applications. Once the surface has been cleaned, simply rinse or spray off with water.

Due to the natural basis of most of the individual components, PolyMacro Enviro has a low toxicity. The component material is generally readily biodegradable and available information suggests biodegradability of greater than 90% within 30 days of release into the environment. Can be used for the wash of clothing in rivers, Game Loges in Nature Reserves, where factory water runs off into a wetland area.

PolyMacro™ Enviro is available in:
5 Litres.
SABS 1828


  • 5 litre bulk

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PolyMacro™ Enviro