Plaster of Paris Bandage

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Plaster of Paris Bandage

  • 10cm x 3m
  • 15cm x 3m
  • 20cm x 3m
  • 5cm x 3m
  • 7.5cm x 3m
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Plaster of Paris Bandage


Size Nappi Code Pack Size
5cm x 3m 145549 001 roll
7.5cm x 3m 145553 001 roll
10cm x 3m 145555 001 roll
15cm x 3m 145557 001 roll
20cm x 3m 145559 001 roll

Strong and fast setting
Setting time of 3-4 minutes
Creates strong cast for immobilizing broken and fractured limbs
Excellent conformability and low plaster loss
Accurate and easy moulding with high quality creamy textured Plaster of Paris
Each roll individually sealed in a barcoded special moisture resistant flow wrapper for easy storage

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Size m

10cm x 3m, 15cm x 3m, 20cm x 3m, 5cm x 3m, 7.5cm x 3m

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