Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Kit

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The percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube which is placed endoscopically. The position of the endoscope can be visualized on the outside of the person’s abdomen because it contains a powerful light source. A needle is inserted through the abdomen, visualized within the stomach by the endoscope, and a suture passed through the needle is grasped by the endoscope and pulled up through the esophagus. The suture is then tied to the end of the PEG tube that will be external, and pulled back down through the esophagus, stomach, and out through the abdominal wall. The insertion takes about 20 minutes.
PEG Kit – ( Economic Pack) Quantity PEG Kit – (Luxury Pack) Quantity
Traction Removable PULL PEG Tube 1 Traction Removable PULL PEG Tube 1
Feeding Adapter 1 Feeding Adapter 1
Feeding Adapter with Luer lock 1 Feeding Adapter with Luer lock 1
Retention Ring 1 Retention Ring 1
19/21Ga Needle 1 19/21Ga Needle 1
25Ga Needle 1 25Ga Needle 1
Placement Wire (0.36/0.6mm×260cm) 1 Placement Wire (0.36/0.6mm×260cm) 1
10ml Syringe 1 10ml Syringe 1
Disposable Scalpel with #11 Blade 1 Disposable Scalpel with #11 Blade 1
Introducer Needle 1 Introducer Needle 1
Tubing Clamp 1 Tubing Clamp 1
10 ×10 Gauze Sponges 4 10*10 Gauze Sponges 4
Fenestrated Drape 1 Fenestrated Drape 1
Directions for Use 1 5Fr Retrieval Snare (1.8mm x 160cm) 1
/ / Stainless Steel Scissors 1
/ / Stainless Steel Hemostat 1
/ / Water Soluble Lubricant 1
/ / 5*5 Slit Gauze Sponges 2
/ / Directions for Use 1

Product Features:

1. Two kinds pack are available: Economic kit and Luxury kit.

2. Well designed hard blister package to protect the components during transport.

3. 4 available sizes for choice: 16Fr/18Fr/20Fr/24Fr; 3 more sizes are coming soon.

4. CE certificate approved.


  1. With MOQ of 100 kits.
  2. 1 set sample is available to check quality at first.
  3. OEM is available.
  4. With CE, ISO13485 approved.

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Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Kit