Mobile asthma Ventilator

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1. Reliable function, reasonable interface design, simple to us.
2. IPX4 waterproof, good sealing effect.
3. Six surface protection, groove design of the front panel to prevent mis-touching.
4. Power line snap design to prevent the line off when charging.
5. Good sealing effect for both inside and outside airway.
6. Stable and reliable alarm system.
7. Vent valve and semi-closed valve design to control the airway pressure reasonable.
8. Integrated design: multifarious installation methods and carrying types, can meet fast changing demand of first-aid.

Technical parameters:
Ventilation mode:
Max. Minute ventilation volume: >=18L
Oxygen concentration: 45%~100%
Pmax: 5~-40 cmH20(with PEEP), 20~75 cmH20(without PEEP)
Total respiratory rate: 0bpm~120bpm
I:E: 1: 9.9~9.9: 1
E-PEEP: 5-35 cmH

Monitoring Parameters:
Tidal volume, Minute ventilation volume, Ventilation frequency, Oxygen concentration, Peak pressure, I:E, Waveform, Spontaneous frequency, Oxygen concentration, Patient airway pressure, Peep.

Alarm:  Apnea, Tidal volume, Low airway pressure, High irway pressure
IPX4 360° waterproof, adopt fully sealed design, both external socket and seam adopt sealing strip to effectively prevent rainwater, liquid into the device. Suitable for emergency transport in complex environment.


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Mobile asthma Ventilator