Medical Disposable Silicone Mini Gastrostomy Tube

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Name Mini Gastrostomy Button Tube
Naterial 100% medical grade silicone
Size 12Fr-24Fr
Length 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0cm or customized
Certification CE&ISO13485
Sterilize EO gas
OEM service yes

A feeding tube, like the mini button, is used when you cannot ingest food through your mouth or are unable to get the proper amount of nutrients to meet your needs. The mini button delicers liquid food (called formula) or medication directly into the stomach by bypassing your mouth and esophagus. Once the formula enters your body through the mini button, digestion works the same as when food begins in your mouth. You get the same nutrients delivered to your body through a mini button as you would get by mouth.

Tube feeding with the mini button provides you with a complete and healthy diet so growth and development can continue. It will take time to adjust to tube feeding at home, but with the help of your healthcare provider, some practice, and this patient education guide, you will gain the confidence to take care of your mini button.


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Medical Disposable Silicone Mini Gastrostomy Tube