Medical Anesthesia Machine for Veterinary YH-MAMV02

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Portable Anesthesia machine for veterinary can save the space of the pet clinics and hospital, It brings much convenient for surgical operation. The pulley and stand design are much convenient for moving. The vaporizers is cylindrical design and the concentration regulation accuracy reaches 0.2, concentration output is accurate and stable. lt is suitable for surgical use of various animals such as Feline, Canine, Swine, etc.


Under 50Kg Animals

Feline, Canine, Swine, etc

Under 7Kg Animals

Feline, Canine, Swine, Murine and other animals



1. Evaporator

Standard: Isoflurane,

Optional: Sevoflurane, Enflurane

2. Breathing Circuit

Sodium Lime: 800g

Pressure Monitoring Range: -2~6 KPa

APL Valve Adjustment Range: 0.2~6.0 KPa

Inhale Impedance: ≤0.6 KPa

Exhale Impedance: ≤0.6 KPa

3. Oxygen Flowmeter

Flow Range: 0~4L/Min

Rapid Oxygen Switch: 10L/Min~20L/Min

4. Anesthesia Methods

Closed Type, Semi-closed Type, Open Type



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Medical Anesthesia Machine for Veterinary YH-MAMV02