LoveGo LG102P Portable Oxygen Therapy Machine

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The LG102P LEGEND LoveGo portable oxygen concentrator is a medical grade portable oxygen machine, 2-in-1 continuous flow and pulse flow mode in one machine, with 5 flow settings,and the max flow is about 5Liter@ setting 5, the oxygen purity keeps at medical level at any setting(88-95%).  The LG102P LEGEND LoveGo portable oxygen concentrator runs from home electricity 110-240v, car battery DC 12V, and rechargable battery. 90% customers choose this machine for their respiratory diseases like COPD,Asthma,Emphysema etc


  • Max. 5Liter flowrate meets a wide range of oxygen therapy demands.
  • 87-95% hospital grade concentration,no need to stay in hospital anymore.
  • 38dB low noise level guarantees a very quiet sleep environment during night
  • 5M long nasal cannula. Your family member could put machine in aisle when sleep at night. Remote control allows you to control device in the bed.
  • Power outage alarm could wake you up when power failure happen during night. You could switch to battery source if this happens
  • O2 Concentration Indicator: You will be aware of the danger with the audible alarm of the o2 indicator when concentration is low.
  • 3 Alarms: Loss of power,High Temperature, and low o2 level.
  • 3 Power Sources = 3 Working Ways (1). It works on electrical power in the home 110V ~240V, 50/60Hz. (2). Run from your car’s battery power when plugged into the vehicle outlet with our car inverter. (3). Work on battery power for maximum portability. That means your plans to visit your family,friends in another city become reality.






1: I need to go hospital frequently. Can I use your portable machines in car?

Yes, our portable oxygen machine support work in car, truck. You could run machine by car when you drive. And use battery when you out of car.

2: How long does it take for a full charge?

It takes about 4 hours for a full charge

3. Whether your machine supports sleep use?

Yes, our machine support working 24 hours everyday. Our machine work very quite. The working sound is below 45dB. You could also lay machine outside the room if you are sensitive to noise. Our machine matches 5 meters long nasal cannula.

4. How long will be delivery time?

Depending on Stock availability, we arrange shipment once payment has reflected and takes between 2-3 days to receive. If No stock, order process takes between 2- 3 weeks.

5. Does your machine perform safe and reliable?

LoveGo LG102 has passed Drop Resistance Test, Oxygen Concentration Decay Test (The concentration keeps stable even after 30,000 hours running), Thermal Stability Test and Battery Safety Test.The performance is very stable and reliable. Besides, our machine has low oxygen alarm and power failure alarm. Once machine has problem, alarm will be activated to remind users.

6. What about the operation and maintenance?

The machine is designed for the aged, so the operation is very simple. The daily maintenance is also very simple. You just need to keep the air filter clean and replace it when necessary.

7. What is the white heart-style capsule?

It is used for oxygen storage. We have upgraded the machine and the newest version doesn’t come with the heart-style capsule,but all performances are the same.


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LoveGo LG102P Portable Oxygen Therapy Machine