LABOCARE™ Microscope Slides

  • bevelled edges
  • frosted with ground edges
  • plain with cut edges
  • plain with ground edges
  • target circles and ground edges
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> Microscope slides plain with cut edges
>> Microscope slides plain with ground edges
>> Microscope slides frosted with ground edges
>> Microscope slides with bevelled edges
>> Microscope slides with target circles and ground edges*
>> Slides with bevelled or ground edges are manufactured with a wet
grinding process resulting in high quality fine uniform edge
>> Surface of slides are typically flat, optically clear, lint and particulate free.
>> Slides are 26mm (w) x 76mm (l) and 1mm to 1,2mm thick, packed 50 per box in
a vacuum sealed, moisture and gas impermeable liner and 50 x 50’s per carton

*These and other specialised slides available on special request

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bevelled edges, frosted with ground edges, plain with cut edges, plain with ground edges, target circles and ground edges


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LABOCARE™ Microscope Slides