Home use 3.5 hours endurance 3L Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Product Parameters
The oxygen concentrator is suitable for homecare use, and in high altitude hypoxia areas, field travel health care, etc.


Product Name

3L Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Breathing Apparatus


28%±2 %

Oxygen flow

3L / min


≤45 dB

Product size


Output voltage

DC12V-16.8 V

Net weight


Input Voltage


Power Consumption


Airflow outlet


Rated voltage

AC110-240V  50-60H


1.28%+/-2% concentration, life standard clean rich oxygen supply
2. Efficient oxygen supply
3. Concise film button, simplified operating procedure
4. Portable and light
5. Energy efficient, Economical Consumption
6. Convenient earphone breathing apparatus
7. Low noise, mute motor, physical oxygen generation
8. Safely broad-spectrum, oxygen concentration satisfying varied demands
9. Ergonomic Design, harmonious airflow
10. Standard parts: worldwide voltage adapter
Optional parts: specialized chargeable battery and charger, suitable for traveling and household use.

—What can be better than it?



1. Styled design, selected material, compact structure, simplified earphones shaped oxygen.
2. Mild airflow supplied for a harmonious atmosphere.
3. Advanced technology incorporated for precise oxygen concentration control to28+/-2% for rich oxygen achievement.
4. Simplified concise control system with intensive design under the control of only 1 knob.
5. International standard adapter (100-240v) safely withstands serious change of power pressure and frequency.
6. Furnished with Rechargeable battery can be used at home, in a car and even the place without power supply.
7. Direct Currency and brushless motor ensuring quiet running and economical power Consumption. Vector frequency conversion bringing powerful driving.

1. In cooperating the latest biological membrane separation method for rich oxygen generation based upon the theory of different dissolving penetration rate of molecules in membrane.
2. The appliance generates pure rich oxygen.
3. Macromolecule membrane can fully filtrate harmful substances in the air, such as dusts, virus and bacteria, and refresh the air with rich oxygen, environmental and health friendly.
Completely physical rich oxygen supply, much safer, more environmental and health friendly.

Special recommendation for 8 groups of potential consumers:

White-collar women: skin care, maintenance o skin nutrition and elasticity and reduction of sub-health status.
Aged: prolonging life, improving immunity. preventing disease, oxygen therapy
Pregnant women: beneficial to the women and helpfu1 to fetus development
Businessman: relaxing physical and metal tension, improving physical ability,reducing sub-health status and improving work efficiency.
Students: improving remembrance, refreshing and reducing mental fatigue.
Workers: releasing fatigue, refreshing and increasing physical ability.
Patients: increasing the auxiliary treatment of Cardio-cerebral vascular diseases,diabetes and respiratory diseases.
Plateau tourism lovers: Releasing the symptoms of lacking of oxygen on plateau.Mini oxygen plant resolves the oxygen supplement problem.


Safety Precaution

1. Do not stop the appliance by directly disconnecting the power supply.
2. Children or handicapped should be looked after while the appliance is in operation in order to avoid physical hazards.
3.Ensure that the area is well ventilated while the appliance is in operation.
4. Keep the fan and side air inlet clear from obstacles and clean the filter regularly depending on the usage frequency, but never be over 6 months.
5. Damaged electrical cable must be replaced by the wire designated or provided by authorized distributor or the manufacturer.
6. Prevent any liquid substance from entering the appliance. If this happens,cease the operating appliance and contact competent technicians for repair.
7. Do not tilt the appliance when the appliance is in operation to avoid collision between the compression pump and case, excessive noise and wobble.

The adapter and the chargeable battery are specialized for the appliance.Change to other specifications will result in uncertain operation or damage to generating unit.


1.0nly in initial period, the generating unit and oxygen hose might produce slight odor.
2. If the appliance is not placed on solid place, excessive noise might be generated.
3. Tilt, upend the appliance, excessive noise and wobble might be generated.
4. The generating unit might be stopped power supply by adapter to protect thesyster in along time operation. The appliance will continue to operate in several minutes.5.When the ambient temperature below 20C, the appliance will automatically preheat, which will increase the outlet air flow and generate excessive noise. The State will disappear in several minutes.


1.The housing of the appliance is smooth and glossy and should be prevented from scratches by sharp edges.
2. For cleaning of the appliance, soft cloth damped with water can be used. Never Use corrosive or organic solvent. Otherwise the cleaned surface will lose luster.
3. When the generating unit finishes the operating, disconnect the power supply promptly.
4. Do not modify the appliance to avoid influencing the outlet and inlet of the air and resulting in negative effect to the appliance performance.
5. Only authorized technician can handle the interior piping system.
6. If the appliance does not work property, check the appliance under the guide of Trouble Shooting. If the troubleshooting does not work contact the local retailer for technical resistance. If the appliance is beyond warranty coverage, cost fee will be charged for replacement parts and materials.
7. Water build up in the capsule should be immediately.
8.The fiter of the generating unit should be cleaned regularly ,usually once every 3 months. Remove the filter, then clean the filter with detergent and rinse the filter with clean water finally dry it and reinstall it.


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Home use 3.5 hours endurance 3L Portable Oxygen Concentrator