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Halyard Health MICROCOOL Breathable High Performance Surgical Gown

The new Halyard Health MICROCOOL Breathable High Performance Surgical Gown is the result of years of research to make MICROCOOL more cool and protective than ever. Halyard Health has a long heritage of medical fabric leadership, with over 650 US and international patents for advanced non-woven fabrics.

  • HALYARD MICROCOOL surgical gown meets the AAMI Level 4 Liquid Barrier Standard (i.e., meets ASTM 1671 standard for resistance to bacteriophage penetration within Critical Zones)*
  • The surgical gown fabric meets ASTM F1670 for resistance of materials used in protective clothing*
  • The HALYARD MICROCOOL surgical gown also meets the European Norms (ENISO 22610) for resistance to wet microbial penetration*
  • Meets the ISO standard for ignition resistance (ISO 11810-1 Class I1-21—No ignition)*
  • Meets ASTM D4966 for abrasion resistance and produces fewer than 20 particles of lint at the 10-micron level on the Gelbo lint test*
  • MICROCOOL fabric allows moisture vapor to pass through almost instantly, compared to competitive gown materials, as measured by the Moisture Vapor Transfer test*
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Adjustable neckline
  • Specialty options for seated procedures
  • Generous cut
  • Sterile
  • Sold by the case
  • Manufacturer: Halyard Health

HALYARD MICROCOOL Patented Microporous Fabric

HALYARD HEALTH’s patented microporous fabric is composed of a thin yet strong layer of breathable film enclosed in layers of soft, nonwoven fabric. The film layer permits moisture vapor to pass easily through the gown while preventing penetration of bacteria and blood and body fluids.

  • Soft spunbound outer layer
  • Proprietary breathable fabric
  • SMS fabric inner liner layer

HALYARD MICROCOOL Gowns meet the AAMI Level 4 liquid barrier standard*
The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) developed the liquid barrier standard to assist healthcare personnel in the selection and use of surgical gowns, drapes and other protective apparel. MICROCOOL Gowns are Level 4, the highest barrier protection rating available for gowns.

HALYARD MICROCOOL Breathable High Performance Surgical Gowns provide Level 4 liquid barrier in zones A, B, and C.* For surgical gowns, the critical zones are, at a minimum, the front area of the gown from chest to knees (area A) and the sleeves from the cuff to above the elbow (area B). The standard requires that the entire front of a surgical gown (Areas A, B, and C) provide a liquid barrier of at least Level 1. The back of the gown (area D) may be non-protective.

100% Landfill Free
HALYARD MICROCOOL Surgical Gowns are produced in facilities dedicated to cleaner manufacturing and source reduction. Every month, over 6.5 million pounds of our manufacturing waste is diverted from landfills. And the facility which manufactures the HALYARD HEALTH MICROCOOL fabric is 100% landfill-free.

Clean Incineration
HALYARD MICROCOOL Surgical Gowns are composed of over 90% Number 5 polypropylene, which incinerates very cleanly after use.* (Compare that to reusable gowns, which require substantial amounts of water, energy, and harsh chemicals to decontaminate and clean according to industry standards for hospital laundry.*)

In compliance with EPA recommendations, MICROCOOL Gowns are PFOA-free.*

Environmental Leadership
HALYARD HEALTH’s sustainability standards have helped Halyard Health to be repeatedly recognized for environmental leadership by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the Newsweek Green Rankings of the world’s most environmentally-friendly companies.

Images shown are for reference purposes only. Actual product appearance may vary.

*Halyard Health has detailed research and other materials to support these product claims. Contact Halyard Health for more product specifics and research documentation.


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