Electronic Gas Mixer- Anesthesia Workstation

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high Multifunction intelligence System,.
15 inch LCD touchable screen
E-flowmeter control with hypoxic guard ,backup mechanical flowmeter
Heated breathing circuit ensure no water trap in the system
Internal inspiration and aspiration flow sensor
Back-up cylinder system (Yoke system)
3 gas sources support:O2,N2O,Air
Compact Anesthesia ventilation system with the standard of ISO 9001: 13485
Easy to operate, user friendly
Multi-mode Ventilation,Ventilation parameters monitoring, preset parameters,
alarm indication and breathing waveform monitoring,3waveform,2 loops
Support adult and pediatric
Applied for closed, semi-closed, semi open inhalation anesthesia controlled or assisted ventilation

Power:  AC 220V±10%,50Hz± 2%
Built-in battery  2 hours
Tidal valume 20~1500ml
Flowmeter 0~20L,electronic flowmeter with Hypoxic guard system
Ventilation mode VCV,SIMV,MANUAL,SIPPV,PCV,PSV,SIGH,CPAP/Spont(Optional)
Vaporizer 2 selectatec type(Isoflurane/Enflurane/Sevoflurane/Halothane)

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Electronic Gas Mixer- Anesthesia Workstation