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EcoHand is a pH neutral almost red liquid disinfecting hand wash formulation developed specifically for daily use in the Industrial, Commercial, and Household market where disinfecting of hands is necessary.

EcoHand is a commercial quality liquid hand wash gel with slight foaming properties to allow maximum disinfecting action close to the skin. The natural formula conditions your skin beautifully leaving it clean and refreshed with a light pleasant Kiwi fragrance.

Deep cleansing liquid hand wash gel has been specially formulated with a commercially available Twin Chain Quaternary Ammonium Compound to give you the necessary microbial protection for a very cost sensitive market, keeping in mind the cleanliness and hygiene of the general public. Liquid hand wash gel washes away germs, cleanses, cares and leaves the hands clean, soft and smooth. We have deliberately excluded any animal by-products, sodium chloride, sulfonates, sulfate and other harsh chemicals due to mass user sensitivity.

EcoHand is available in:
250ml 500ml 1 Litre Refill 5 Litre Bulk.
SANS 5261- 2009


  • 250ml 500ml 1 litre refill 5 litre bulk

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