Duo-Flow Internal Jugular

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The Duo-Flow™ Internal Jugular catheter has a unique pre-formed curve design that overcomes patient discomfort, vessel trauma and catheter kinking when internal jugular access is indicated. The catheter rests comfortably at any insertion location and may also be appropriate for subclavian or femoral insertion.

Features & Benefits

  • Thermosensative Flexi-Smooth™ catheter material softens after insertion for increased patient safety.
  • Soft, highly radiopaque tip reduces incidence of vessel damage and aids in confirming catheter tip replacement.
  • Priming volume designation for ease of catheter maintenance.
  • 360º venous return ports decrease vessel turbulence while increasing blood flow.
  • 360º arterial ports help eliminate vessel occlusion and arterial insufficiency.
  • Seldinger Technique Insertion
  • Rotatable suture wing provides secure anchoring.
  • Durable high memory urethane extension lines will withstand repeated clamping.
  • French size and length designations for ease of identification.
  • Strain relief collar reduces kinking at the exit site.

Ordering Information

Duo-Flow Internal Jugular SETS (5/BOX)
11.5FR x 12cm (4¾”) Internal Jugular Double Lumen XTP114IJS-2
11.5FR x 15cm (6″) Internal Jugular Double Lumen XTP116IJS-2
11.5FR x 20cm (8″) Internal Jugular Double Lumen XTP118IJS-2

Sets Contain

  • (1) Catheter
  • (2) Injection Caps
  • (1) Vessel Dilator
  • (1) J/Flex Guidewire
  • (1) Introducer Needle
  • (1) Adhesive Wound Dressings

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Duo-Flow Internal Jugular