Duo-Flow 400XL

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The Duo-Flow™ 400XL is a high flow double lumen catheter designed with a tapered tip that allows insertion via the Seldinger Technique. The fixed circular tube within a tube allows for a 360º arterial uptake and provides consistent flows in excess of 400ml/mn. The round catheter design permits easier insertion and less patient discomfort than oval designs.

Features & Benefits

  • New luminal designs allows for greater flow.
  • The advantages of high flow and high efficiency dialysis with the benefits of Medcomp’s patented Duo-Flow™ design.
  • High flow catheter material elimintes kinking due to its excellent memory.
  • French size and length designations for ease of identification.
  • 360º arterial ports help eliminate vessel occlusion and arterial insufficiency.
  • Priming volume designation for ease of catheter maintenance.
  • Less than 5% recirculation, with flows above 400ml/mn.
  • Rotating suture wing provides secure anchoring.

Ordering Information

Duo-Flow™ 400XL SETS (5/BOX)
14FR x 12cm (4¾”) Duo-Flow™ 400XL Catheter DFXL144MT
14FR x 15cm (6″) Duo-Flow™ 400XL Catheter DFXL146MT
14FR x 20cm (8″) Duo-Flow™ 400XL Catheter DFXL148MT
14FR x 24cm (9½”) Duo-Flow™ 400XL Catheter DFXL149MT

Sets Contain:

11.5 FR Sets

  • (1) Catheter
  • (2) Injection Caps
  • (2) Vessel Dilators
  • (1) J/Flex Guidewire
  • (1) Introducer Needle
  • (1) Adhesive Wound Dressings



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Duo-Flow 400XL