Dried Blood Spot Kit (DBS)

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DBS testing involves blotting of (primarily) capillary blood samples onto specially constructed filter paper
matrices for later laboratory evaluation
Blood collected in this way is allowed to soak through the filter paper matrix and then air-dried on site before
packaging and transport to the laboratory
Because of the advances in laboratory diagnostic and analytical procedures, very many tests conventionally
done on whole blood, serum or plasma can now be done on DBS
The DBS method of biosampling has significant advantages over liquid blood collection, namely:
>> Low volume blood sampling
>> Venipuncture is not required so patients are less averse to testing
>> Use of self retracting lancets for DBS collection minimizes the possibility of needle stick injuries when compared
to needles used in whole blood collection
>> DBS samples are low weight and low bulk, so transport is simple and cheap
>> No requirement for cold chain management as in liquid blood sampling, so concomitant costs are lower with
greater ease of handling
>> DBS collection improves sampling rates in regions of difficult accessibility due to its low requirement for
equipment and technology or special transport
>> High stability of DBS samples at normal ambient temperatures
>> No requirement to centrifuge, sub-aliquot, freeze, and defrost samples (all of which can introduce errors in
>> DBS samples represent a low infection hazard as many viruses present in serum or plasma lose infectivity by
disruption of their envelope on drying
>> DBS collection is easily accomplished with minimal training by non-specialized staff and does not necessarily
require professionals trained in venipuncture
>> DBS has many applications and can be used on many analytes, these include amongst others:
Metabolites Hormones Blood cells
Amino acid profiles Biomarkers Fatty Acids
Lipids Drugs Proteins (CRP, CD4)
Vitamins DNA (PCR) HIV, Hepatitis, RNA Heavy Metals and Trace Elements
Specific Antibodies Specific Antigens Bacterial Toxins
DBS Kits can be tailored as to contents and numbers of tests per kit


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Dried Blood Spot Kit (DBS)