Digital Radiology Fluoroscopy 7500

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  • System: type radio-fluoroscopy system
  • Technology: digital
  • Application: for diagnostic fluoroscopy, for multipurpose radiography
  • Features: with tilting table

Fluoroscopy & DR 2-in-1 Digital Radiology Fluoroscopy (DRF) – 7500/7600/7700 ngenious Design, Continuous Improvement The 7500/7600/7700 applies a new dynamic flat panel acquisition system for both large-size HD video photography and large-format full-size (17 x 17-inch) HD viewing and contrast inspection. Athena Plus is a beautifully crafted dynamic flat panel digital X-ray solution. With Athena Plus, you can conduct more checks within a limited space, and can enjoy two benefits from just one effort. Square visual field—77% greater coverage 7500/7600/7700 has many advantages over image enhancement CCDs and conventional DRs. The dynamic image capture size is larger compared to the CCD image intensifier system, where the motion image is only a circular shape with a diameter of 9 or 12 inches. The Athena Plus motion image capture is up to 17 x 17-inch square with 77% more coverage than the 9-inch circle, which reduces chances of missing any site during the scan. In addition, the imaging is more accurate. Due to structural reasons, the image generated by the CCD image intensifier system is somewhat distorted, which is not conducive to accurate SID focal length up to 1,800 mm standard distance Automatic Beam Emitter Precise Positioning With the fully automatic beam emitter, you don’t need to worry at all when operating. Whether you need to conduct fluoroscopy or filming, just select the examination site, and 7500/7600/7700 will automatically select the irradiation field required for your projection, which not only makes things more efficient, but also reduces radiation with the help of precise positioning. Automatic Image Stitching Panoramic Imaging


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Digital Radiology Fluoroscopy 7500