Digital Radiography System 6600

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  • System: radiography system
  • Technology: digital
  • Application: for multipurpose radiography
  • Features: with table, with floor-standing bucky

Manufacturer: Lanmage Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Floor-mounted DR Digital Radiography System.



Affordable DR Brings More Than Expected
6600 Digital Radiography System

Technology within Reach
A floor mounted tube stand, fixed height patient table and a vertical stand complete the configuration of a digital radiography system.

Helping You Achieve Daily Success 6600 is a performance oriented and cost effective digital radiography system. It can be easily moved between patient table and vertical stand to accommodate a wide variety of chest, abdominal and extremity examinations.

A convenient and relaxed positioning capability is specially helpful for difficult anatomical exams.


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Digital Radiography System 6600