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DeWax is a colourless/yellow clear liquid with a citrus odour principally
consisting of a naturally derived, biodegradable solvent.

A powerful, ready-to-use natural cleaner with an active ingredient called d-limonene. One of nature’s most powerful solvents, d-limonene is derived from the peels of oranges. This means that, not only is DeWax tough on grease, grime, and dirt, it’s made from completely renewable resources and leaves your salon, home, shop, or workshop smelling citrus-fresh!

Wax and clean waxing pots in the beauty industry, crayon marks, Insects, tar, asphalt and decals from your motor vehicle. Footwear scuff marks from vinyl floors, chewing gum from floors, walls and seat covers, inks and pen marks on fabric, soap scum, degrease walls where grease type soils are encountered, adhesive residues in industrial applications, automotive grease, transportation aircraft, resolves most oils.

Garage tools, floors (where grease type soils are encountered) restrooms, trucks, machinery, porcelain, appliances (cuts grease and grime on countertops, in your oven, microwave, or on the grill) stainless steel, bathroom tiles.

De-Wax is available in:
1 Litre “Easy pour” tin containers.
SABS 1828


  • 1 litre “Easy pour” tin containers

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