COVID-19 + Influenza A/B Ag Rapid Test CE

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The OnSite COVID-19 + Influenza A/B Ag Rapid Test is a lateral flow immunoassay for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid antigens and the qualitative detection and differentiation of Influenza A (including H5N1 and H1N1) and Influenza B viral antigens in nasopharyngeal (NP) swab or nasal swab specimens.  The test is intended for use by healthcare professional or personnel train in rapid test procedure.

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Product Features

  • Aids in identifying SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A, and Influenza B infection, within the first seven days of symptom onset.
  • Differentiates 3 infections in 1 test.
  • Efficiently tests for 3 infections with only 1 patient sample.
  • Easy to use, minimal training required, no lab equipment needed.
  • All-in-one package for point-of-care use and resource-limited settings.
  • Results in 15 minutes.

Product specifications

  • Reagents and Materials Provided:
    1. Individually sealed foil pouches containing:
      1. Two cassettes assembled into one panel
      2. One desiccant
    2. Sample extraction tubes
    3. Sample extraction tube rack
    4. Sample extraction buffer (REF SB-R0188, 5 mL/bottle)
    5. Nozzles with filter
    6. Individually sealed pouches containing a sterile swab
    7. Instructions for Use

    Materials Required but Not Provided:

    • Clock or timer

    Materials May be Required but Not Provided:

    • Positive control
    • Negative Control
    • Nasal Swabs



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COVID-19 + Influenza A/B Ag Rapid Test CE