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Properties of dPTFE thread

  • Its unique softness and smoothness enables it to go through soft tissues minimizing micro- damage reaction around tissue duct, which prevents from bacterial colonization in deeper layers of the wound.
  • The thread does not retain the coiled shape after unpacking, which makes it easier to work with.
  • The surgical knot made with a PTFE suture is durable and does not loosen. The ends of the suture do not cause irritation of the cheek, lips and tongue, unlike suture materials based on various monofilament fibres, which additionally may contribute to the formation of viral changes on mucous membrane.
  • In contrast to braided sutures, especially those made from absorbable materials, Coreflon does not absorb blood, saliva, bacteria and food residues. That promotes wound healing per primam intencionem.
  • Despite its soft and delicate nature, Coreflon firmly supports tissues during the whole healing process, in contrast to absorbable materials which maintain tissues only in the early stages of healing due to the presence of enzymes in the mouth.


Coreflon is different. It is the first smooth PTFE surgical suture (dPTFE) without micropores, which very effectively reduces dental plaque adhesion and accumulation of bacteria and food residues. It is easy to remove due to lower capillarity.

Intelligent suture?

Coreflon PTFE suture is flexible and adapts to the volume of the tissue, which changes during the healing process.

Needle properties

Needles maintain sharp cutting surface during stitching, which ensures precision of surgery. They do not undergo distortion, even when used for deformed tissue, such as a post-operative scar.

Alternating sequence 3-2-2

Despite unique properties of Coreflon PTFE sutures, standard surgical knotting technique may be applied. However, for knot’s maximum durability, sewing technique in alternating sequence 3-2-2 is recommended.

DM: needle with reverse cutting blade type P

The needle has a specially designed tip, the third section of the length of the needle is sharp , while the remaining part has an oval cross-section, flattened for better grip in a vise. Thanks to its unique properties it can be successfully used in many surgical procedures.


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