Centrifuge Bench Top ECH-TYPE A200A

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The best selling and less-expensive centrifuge ideal for general purposes in laboratory, hospital, clinic, veterinary, industry and education provided with a desired testing for test tubes containing n vitro diagnostic specimens for qualitative and quantitative test procedures.

Technical data :
  • Durable motor incorporating with its carbon brush that can last for 3000 hours in operation.
  • Variable speed control from 1000 to 4500 rpm
  • Timer activated operation extending to 60 minutes
  • Auto balance system to eliminate vibration.
  • Balance for rotor and speed setting have been calibrated in plant.
  • Choice for additional cover locks fitting and auto shutout safety device for extra costs.
  • This equipment complies with EC Electron Magnetic compatibility (EMC) requirement of EN60601-1-2 and IEC801 series regulations.
  • This equipment meets the standards of ISO9002, EN46002, ISO13488, CE mark, GMP, FDA.
Dimension 270x270x250mm
Timer 60 minutes
Choice of motor Output 90 W Output 67 W
N.W. (kg) 8.9 7.5
Safety shutout Option Option
Standard CE CE
Rotor Various Various
System ISO 9002/13488, GMP, CE mark, FDA list
MODEL Capacity Rotor Max rpm RCFxg Suggested tube
PLC-03 8x15ml A-0815 1000 – 4000 2422 Fx12mm conical

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Centrifuge Bench Top ECH-TYPE A200A