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Bio Kill Pet Care is harmless and so safe to use that one can use it directly on pets. BioKill Pet Care can even be applied to lactating pets provided they are healthy. May be applied to day old puppies and kittens. Will even keep flies off your dogs ears.

Pet Care can also be applied directly onto blankets, cushions, baskets and be applied inside kennels and on carpets. Pet Care will NOT cause any skin irritation and can be applied directly on to the ears to control flies. It will not cause any discomfort is accidentally sprayed into the eyes. Pet Care is great for controlling ticks and fleas.

BioKill Pet Care is available in:
325ml and 500ml Trigger Spray 1litre Refill and 5 litre Bulk
(Registered in South Africa in terms of Act 36/1947 Reg. No. G2169)


  • Industrial 5 litre 1 litre Refill 500ml trigger spray bottle

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