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Bio Kill Garden Spray can be applied onto trees, bonsais, roses, shrubs and any indoor plants. In atriums and greenhouses without the need for ventilation to control aphids, thrips, whitefly and soft brown scale. For best effect apply Garden Spray to run off. If used outdoors it is best to apply late afternoon for maximum effect at least once a week until infestation is under control. BioKill has been tested on sensitive plants such as Vanwykshout and many different species of bonsais. Garden Spray kills all cold blooded insects and will thus also kill bees. If a large amount of product is spilled into a fish pond by accident, the fish will die)

BioKill Garden Spray is available in:
500ml Trigger Spray 1 Litre Refill and 5 Litre Bulk.
(Registered in South Africa in terms of Act 36/1947 Reg. No. L5490)


  • Industrial 5 litre 1 litre Refill 500ml trigger spray bottle

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