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BioKill Classic is suitable for use in domestic kitchens, storerooms on curtaining and carpets and may be applied directly onto bedding and mattresses as well. BioKill Classic may be applied in areas where children play in the knowledge that BioKill will not cause them harm.

BioKill Classic is a general purpose application and is ideal and safe for use in:

  • Throughout the house, indoors, including the kitchen, clothing cupboards and bedroom area.
  • Nursery schools and crèches.
  • Old age homes.
  • Schools.
  • Offices.
  • Hospital Wards.
  • Restaurants and food preparation areas.
  • The application of BioKill Classic is endless.

BioKill Classic is available in:
500ml Trigger Spray 1Litre Refill and 5 Litre Bulk
(Registered in South Africa in terms of Act 36/1947 Reg. No. L4418)


  • 500 ml trigger spray bottle 1 litre refill

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