Biguamine™ Wound Wash

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Biguamine™ Wound Wash contains the active ingredient Quadex and is a Biguanide/Amine mixture. It s a non-prescription antiseptic liquid solution for first aid treatments. It allows you to gently wash dirt and grime from cuts, grazes and to cool and disinfect stings and burns. Protects against infection by cleaning and killing harmful microbes – without touching or aggravating the sore, broken skin or wound.

Biguamine™ Wound Wash will not burn or sting when it’s sprayed on – making it a must-have in all first aid situations, or for wound care in hospitals, doctors rooms, nursery schools, old age homes, veterinary clinics or at home for the whole family or if you have young active children.

Biguamine Wound Wash is available in:
1 Litre Trigger Spray and 5 Litre Bulk.
SABS ACT 29 GNR529/242566/060/852


  • 1 litre trigger spray 5 litre bulk

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Biguamine™ Wound Wash