BFW1000 Blood/Infustion Warmer

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Medical fluid infusion warmer “BFW-1000” is a kind of warming device to warm the liquid to be infused into human body by warming the infusion pipe, with high efficiency and easy use.
Dry groove warmer structure: Adopt conventional infusion pipe to warm the infusion pipe directly, no need special consumables.

Temperature controlling technology:
It adopts intellectual microcomputer controlling technology, which inspects all of the sensors continuously to warm automatically and control the temperature accurately in the predetermined temperature, with various alarm function and ensuring the highest safety.

 Infrared sensor technology:
Remind doctor to change liquid medicine or withdrawal of needles when infusion pipe is nearly empty. Built-in rechargeable battery to keep infrared detector work for more than six hours even the external power supply is off suddenly or accidentally.

Triple protection;

Dual electronic protection:
Under the control of microcomputer, it inspects the temperature of warmed fluid and warming board through different sensors. It will power off when out of range.

PTC (Physical temperature controller) protection:
If the microcomputer system works abnormally or result in the tube temperature out of range, PTC will cut off the electric power to protect the patient.



Dimension: 170 mm * 115 mm * 45 mm

Weight: 0.8kg

Temperature accuracy: ±0.5℃

Setting range: 28℃ – 42℃

Display items: real-time digital temperature and set up the control limit display

Working mode: continuos use working


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BFW1000 Blood/Infustion Warmer