BCA-4060 Automatic Biochemical Analyzer

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Research Use, In-Vitro Diagnostic Use, Clinical Use, Hospital Use
Automation Grade
Brand Preference
Programmable Test Memory
300 Tests


A. 70 Sample positions       B. 70 Refrigerated Reagent positions

C. 90 Reaction cuvettes        D. 300 tests per hour with STAT function insert sample timely

Vertical automatic biochemistry analyzer

·Independent mixer probe

·Less utility of reagents : 20-300 μl/test

·Efficiency speed:300 tests/hour

·User friendly: smart and easy operating software

·High accuracy: minimal operating/random errors


System functions

·Analysis methods:end-point,kinetic,two-point

·Double-reagent,double-wavelength,multi-standard etc

·Open to different brand reagents



·Sample volume:2-30ul,0.1μl step

·Sample position: 70 pcs

·Reagent position:70 pcs (With refrigerated function)

·Reagent volume:20-300 μl,1μl step


Reaction system

·Cuvette Reaction :90 resuable cuvettes

·Volume Reaction : 150-350μl

·Time Reaction :10 minutes

·Reaction temperature: 37±0.1℃,automatic heating.


Optical system

·Light source: halogen-tungsten lamp

·Wavelength:340-700nm,8 wavelengths, (4 positions are optional)

·Absorbance range: 0-4.00Abs

·Resolution: 0.0001Abs


Calibration and Quality control individually

·Calibration: linear/nonlinear,one point,multi-point(Max 8 points)

·Quality control: QC plot automatically depict the   function condition,show the QC results,.


Working condition

·Power supply:AC110/220V,±10%, 50/60Hz,1000VA



Operation computer system

·Windows7,Windows 8 or above, windows XP


Input and output

·Input:USB interface/computer

·Output: Multi-format printout

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BCA-4060 Automatic Biochemical Analyzer