Apogee 3300 Digital 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound

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Entry-level ultrasound for general imaging, with easy-to-use 4D imaging and elastography
     -R219,840 for 3D APOGEE 3300 COLOUR ULTRASOUND DOPPLER with CONVEX and LINEAR Probes
     -R299,000 for 4D APOGEE 3300 COLOUR ULTRASOUND DOPPLER with 4D software, 4D LINEAR & CONVEX Probes


4D imaging

Elastography for breast scanning

Compound imaging

Live panoramic imaging

Speckle reduction imaging

Trapezoidal imaging

Auto IMT

WIFI image transfer

Apogee 3300 Digital 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound

Apogee 3300 Digital 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound

Product Specification / Models

Ultrasound color Doppler Apogee 3300, with 18.5″ display, 8.4″ touch panel, and a 4D convex probe (with its software) or two conventional probes (a convex and a linear probe).

Apogee 3300 is the best ultrasound machine in its range in regards to  value for money. It integrates the lastest technology novelties and is compatible with many kinds of probes.


  • 164-APOGEE3300:  ultrasound color Doppler Apogee 3300 with C3L60C convex probe and L8L38C linear probe.
  • 164-APOGEE3300-C4D:  ultrasound color Doppler Apogee 3300 with 4D convex probe C5L40C and 4D software.


  • Abdominal, urological, gynecological.
  • Obstetrics (first, second and third trimesters), fetal echo, multi-fetal.
  • Abdominal (PEN), urological (PEN).
  • Thyroid, breast, testicular, peripheral vascular, orthopaedics, podiatry, superficial, small parts (PEN), musculoskeletal neurology.
  • Carotid, vascular (PEN).
  • Cardiological, cardiological (PEN).
  • Pediatric cardiology.

*(PEN)= Deeper penetration for obese patients.


  • Optional 4D function (ref. 164-APOGEE3300-C4D).
  • Ergonomic, digital, compact.
  • Color Doppler
  • Medical LCD display 18.5″ high resolution (1024 x 768).
  • Touch panel 8.4″.
  • Visual angle: 75º.
  • 4 probe connectors (3 active).
  • 6 probe holders.
  • Zoom: x1.5, x2.0, x3.0, x4.0 in real time.
  • Continuous dynamic focus, dynamic apodization, dynamic opening, selectable transmission focus 1~8, acoustic focus lens.
  • Memory: cine-memory, B mode (max. 2,000 frames), M mode (11.5 minutes), hard disk 320 GB.
  • Connectivity: video output, S-Video output, audio connection (MIC), VGA output, 2 USB ports, printer port, power socket, HDMI port, network port, footswitch connection.
  • Languages: Spanish, English, French, Russian, Turkish and Chinese.
  • Net weight: 63 kg.
  • Gross weight: 85 kg.
  • Dimensions: 95 (h) x 67 (w) x 122 (d) cm.


  • B, 2B, 4B.
  • M, B/M.
  • Color flow.
  • Pulsed Wave Doppler
  • B/CFM, B/PDI.
  • B/PW.
  • B/E, E.
  • Split B/ color real time.
  • 3d/ 4D (optional).


  • Auto-Fit: automatic optimisation (B and PW modes).
  • Nanoview: spot reduction.
  • Trapezoidal image (linear probe).
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (3 frequencies).
  • Zoom: in-depth zoom and panoramic zoom.
  • Color Doppler and Color Power Doppler.


  • Main unit with LCD display 18.5″
  • Touch panel 8.4″.
  • Convex probe and 4D software.
  • Power cable.
  • Power conductor.
  • Printer cable.
  • S-Video cable.
  • Fuse.
  • BNC/RCA cable.
  • Dust-proof cover.
  • CD for system recovery.
  • Wireless network antenna.
  • User’s manual


  • Ref. 164-C5L40C-4D:  convex probe 4D C5L40C (4.0-7.0MHz) and 4D software.
  • Ref. 164-C3I20C-4D:  vaginal probe 4D C3I20C (4.0-9.0MHz) and 4D software.
  • Ref. 164-C3L60C:  convex probe C3L60C (2.0-5.0MHz).
  • Ref. 164-C3L40C:  convex probe C3L40C (2.0-5.0MHz).
  • Ref. 164-L8L38C:  linear probe L8L38C (5.0-12.0MHz).
  • Ref. 164-L8L50C:  linear probe L8L50C (5.0-12.0MHz).
  • Ref. 164-L10L25C:  linear probe L10L25C (8.0-12.0MHz).
  • Ref. 164-L10L38C:  linear probe L1038C (8.0-12.0MHz).
  • Ref. 164-C5I20C:  micro-convex probe C5I20C (4.0-7.0MHz).
  • Ref. 164-C3I20C:  micro-convex probe C3I20C (2.0-5.0MHz).
  • Ref. 164-V6L11C:  vaginal probe V6L11C (4.0-9.0MHz).
  • Ref. 164-U5L50C-BIP:  biplane probe U5L50C (5.0-12.0MHz).


  • Ref. 164-BGCONLIN-A3300:  biopsy guide for convex or linear probe.
  • Ref. 164-BGOENDO-A3300: biopsy guide for endocavity probe.
  • Ref. 164-MITSCP31WZ:  color video Mitsubishi printer.
  • Ref. 164-FOOTSWITCH:  footswitch.
  • Ref. 164-SOFTELAST:  software for elastography.
  • Ref. 164-SOFTWIFI:  SonoAir module for Wifi (ultrasounds to iPhone/ iPad) *Download the SIUI app for iPad and iPhone from app store
  • Ref. 164-SOFTDICOM:  software for DICOM network.
  • Ref. 164-SOFTPAN:  panoramic image software.
  • Ref. 164-SOFTXBEAM:  X-Beam software.


  • Quality standards:
    • ISO 9001:2008.
    • ISO 13485:2003.
  • Standards compliance:
    • UL 60601-1
    • EN 60601-1 and IEC 60601-1.
    • EN 60601-1-1 and IEC 60601-1-1.
    • EN 60601-1-2 and IEC 60601-1-2.
    • EN 60601-1-4 and IEC 60601-1-4.
    • EN 60601-1-6 and IEC 60601-1-6.
    • EN 60601-2-37 and IEC 60601-2-37.
    • EN 62304 and IEC 62304.

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Apogee 3300 Digital 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound