Adult Electrode Pads For CU-SP1 And SP2 AED

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All defibrillator electrode pads are designed to be one-use only. Therefore, having an extra pair to hand could make all the difference in the important minutes following a cardiac arrest.

  • Adult pads ( for patients weighing over 25kg)
  • Single-patient use

Adult Electrode Pads For CU-SP1 and SP2 AED

The iPad SP1 Adult Electrodes are known as SMART pads, as they can be adapted for use on both adults and children alike, without the need for additional equipment or electrodes.

On the defibrillator unit, you simply switch the device to either adult or child setting dependent on the age of the patient. Pediatric pads are used on children when they are aged between 1 and 8 years old.

Once connected, the defibrillator will begin to analyze the heart of the patient to determine whether treatment is required. If it is a child patient, the defibrillator will reduce the joule output to a suitable level.

Features and benefits:

SMART electrode pad technology means that the pads can be used on both adults and children, at just the flick of a switch

Protective foil packaging ensures the pads are kept clean and secure prior to use

Pre-connected by design, saving valuable time in an emergency

Sticky adhesive ensures once electrodes are placed on patient, they will not move during treatment


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Adult Electrode Pads For CU-SP1 And SP2 AED

Adult Electrode Pads For CU-SP1 And SP2 AED