• Vet Infusion Pumps P500 Vet

    Veterinary Infusion Pump

    · Compact in design, light in weight and small in size

    · Simple and easy to use

    · Low running noise

    · 3 working modes

    · Built-in 10 brands of syringe data, convenient for choosing syringes

    · User can define 2 syringes’ data into the pump

    · Anti-bolus function

    · Audio-visual alarms for added safety

    · Display critical clinical dates simultaneously

    · The pump enters keep vein open (KVO) mode automatically once injection of VTBI is finished

    · The flow rate can be set in 0.1ml/h steps for added accurate

    · 2 ways to input data: by keyboard or shuttle key

  • Vet Infusion Pumps P600 Vet

    Product Details

    Veterinary Infusion Pump

    · 4.2” high definition LCD color screen

    · Built-in thermostat: 30-45°C adjustable

    · Anti-free-flow function to make infusion safer

    · Real-time display of infused volume / bolus rate / bolus volume / KVO rate

    · Visible on-screen 9 kinds of alarms

    · Change flow rate without stopping the pump

    · High capability of battery ensure operating time more than 5 hours

    · Powerful waterproof function -IPX3, Class II, Type CF


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