• SIDA-CEL Hemostatic Gauzes


    Hemostatic Gauze Raw-Material Specifications
    Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) derived from Regenerated Cellulose

    Clinically proven reduced blood coagulation time
    Neutral pH 7.0, hence no burning sensation
    Sterilized by Gamma Radiation
    Bacteriostatic properties
    Latex Free

  • SIDA-CEL ENT Hemostatic Sponges


    Sterile Nassal Dressings
    Nassal Dresing Raw-Material Specifications:
    Water soluble synthetic polymer

    PVA as a material is:

    • White, odorless material
    • With pH 6~8
    • Non toxic


    Specially designed to stop nasal bleeding immediately and efficiently
    Minimizing edema
    Comfortable for patients
    Lint Free
    High absorption PVA material
    Swell and Seal technology, activated within seconds after coming in touch with blood or other fluids inside the nose cavity

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