• Pocket II

    Pachymetry for Glaucoma Screening and Refractive Surgery Glaucoma Screening and Refractive Surgery.

    • Fast and precise (+/- 5 microns)
    • Hand-held pachymeter
  • Compact Touch

    The new Compact Touch benefits from a new generation of 15 MHz B probe with a resolution increased by 30%. It allows for a better visualization of the eye structures and the orbit hence a better diagnosis.

    Small in size, this probe benefits from an excellent ergonomics to facilitate its handling and use.

  • Axialis

    Ultrasound biometry is the only technology suitable for axial measurement of all eye types, regardless of cataract density. Ultrasound axial length measurement offers similar levels of precision to optical measurement (0.03 mm with immersion technique)

    The IOL calculation function can compare different types of IOLs and formulas. A total of 12 calculation formulas are available, including formulas for post-refractive surgery patients. IOL calculation can be performed to 0.25 D.

  • ABSolu

    The new ABSolu’s user interface is intuitive and easy to use. It shortens the learning curve and makes it more fun to use.

    • Broad palette of measuring tools.
    • Display in B+B mode for easy comparisons of examinations.
    • Fully configurable patient report generator.

    ABSolu is also EMR compatible and connects to most data transfer and storage applications.


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