• Volk Lenses 90D

    Primary Application – General Diagnosis and Small Pupil Examinations

    • Original 90D lens that started the slit lamp fundus examination revolution
    • Small diameter ring is ideal for dynamic fundoscopy
    • Outstanding general diagnostic lens, even through small pupils
  • Topcon TRK-2P

    4-in-1 (Refractometer, Keratometer, Non-Contact Tonometer and Pachymeter) advanced pre-testing station TRK-2P with more than four times the diagnostic capabilities.


    • Refractometer
    • Keratometer
    • Non-Contact Tonometer
    • Pachymeter
    • Fully automated measurement and alignment
    • Rotating touch screen control panel
    • Compact and modern design
  • Topcon TRC-NW400 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera

    High quality image meets ease of use.


    • Easy to navigate
    • Space saving
    • Versatile and simple operation
    • Fully automatic mode
    • Manual operation mode
    • Easy operation and space saving
    • Brightness Shield BS-1
    • Stereo photography
    • Internal fixation operation
    • Small pupil photography & zoom function
    • Direct DICOM
    • Shared folder
    • IMAGEnet
    • Direct storage
  • Topcon KR-1 Auto / Keratometer

    The next generation of refractive careThe KR-1 is a revolutionary auto Kerato-Refractometer. The tiltable and rotatable touch screen will change the way of working for ever. The operator can use the KR-1 from various angles, ensuring the best interaction with the patient. The Topcon KR-1 can be used in several set-ups, which use a minimum of working space.


    • Fully automated operation with touch screen
    • Flexible & space saving lay out
    • Reliable & fast measurements
    • Compact ergonomic design
  • Topcon IS-100 chair and stand

    The IS-100 Instrument Stand combines comfort, functionality and design in a compact unit that is affordably priced. Available in right or left-hand versions, the IS-100 allows the use of two instruments on a sliding table that swivels out of the way for easy patient access. The unit can be completed with a trial lens drawer. Its modern design and color combination blends seamlessly with any examination room decor. The small foot print of the IS-100 permits installing in areas with limited space and its intuitive control panel provides complete control of the chair functions, room lights, instrument switching and other features. The IS-100 can be combined with a standard ophthalmic chair with fixed back (OC-8) or a fully reclinable version (OC-9). Both chairs have an extended elevation stroke with smooth and quiet movement. The dedicated phoropter arm is available with a mechanical lock (VT-670) or with counter balanced mechanism (VT-671), providing a variety of configurations for the modern practice.

  • Topcon 3D OCT-1 Maestro

    Based on a long history of product innovation, including the first to combine SD OCT with color fundus photography, Topcon has set the bar for providing patient friendly, easy to use and completely automated comprehensive OCT for today’s eye care needs.


    • Fully automated operation
    • Rich analysis and report functions
    • Compact & space saving design
    • EN VIEW OCT Imaging
    • True color fundus photography
    • Superb OCT technology
    • Network and DICOM connectivit
  • Tonorite Tonometer

    TONORITE tonometer – A technological advancement of the 21st century!

    The TONORITE tonometer requires minimal operator training to assess IOP values, without the use of anaesthesia and is comparable with Goldman Applanation Tonometry.

    TONORITE tonometer is a lightweight, portable and extremely user friendly device for regular use in human eye clinics, general practitioner rooms and veterinary hospitals. A simple and effective method in screening, monitoring and management of Glaucoma is at yourt hands.

    Its unique self calibrating technology makes this instrument a fast, accurate and consistent solution to IOP measurments. Outstanding features such as; large patient memory with left / right eye averages, backlight LCD screen and handy pocket size wireless printer has superseded TONORITE tonometer over its global rivals.

  • Tomey TFC-1000 Non-mydriatic Fundus Camera

    The TFC-1000 fully automatically generates a fundus image within 15 seconds using eye tracking and auto focus as well as auto measurement. The “KISS principle” (keep it short and simple) had the highest priority in the software and workflow design. This makes the operation of the TFC-1000 extremely easy to handle. The user-friendly interface is very intuitive and provides the results in a very short time.

  • Tech 2001 Ophthalmic Refraction Unit


    • Need-based, highly economical combination unit.
    • Maximum operative functionality; minimum space consumption.
    • Comprehensive, easy-to-use console panel control with memo key.
    • 165-degree reclining, gas spring-driven chair.
    • Smooth, CE-marked German DC motor-driven elevation.
    • Sliding table with space for two instruments.
    • Holder for hand instruments.
    • Dust-free, enclosed Trial Lens Rack with straight, unobtrusive, in & out sliding movement.
    • Sturdy Lamp Pole to support multi-instrument mounting.
    • Cross-integrated Chair Raising System & Sliding table Top.
    • Comfortable Polyurethane seat.
    • Moulded plastic-covered base area.
    • Broad, square format platform for stable mounting & jerk-free performance.
  • SLD series

    The Topcon SL-D series is a digital slit lamp series that combines high optical performance with versatile digital capability. The concept of the high quality digital slit lamp is based on the extensive range of optional digital capture devices that can be mounted on these outstanding clinical instruments. Paramount among these is the dedicated digital camera DC-4 with compact body that provides easy-to-capture and high quality digital images. These premium diagnostic instruments offer superior clinical performance with digital capability.


    • Illumination boost
    • Optional DC-4 digital camera
    • Blue Free Filter system for superior
    • Optional BG-5 LED background illumination
    • Illumination boost
    • Brighter illumination enhances observation of the eye structures
    • LED wavelength characteristics allow for easy visualization of subtle details such as flare & inflammation
    • Consistent color temperature throughout the entire light intensity adjustment
    • Substantial reduction in bulb replacement
    • Energy efficient & cost saving
    • No tearfilm vaporization due to low temperature of LED illumination
  • Righton Retinomax K Plus 5 Handheld Autorefractor Keratometer

    Retinomax Series, the world’s leading handheld Ref and Refract Keratometer, delivers wide measurement range on par with table type Ref, with greater mobility, stability and accuracy.

    The Retinomax series is widely used as a global standard device for pediatric, screening, medical care in remote areas, disaster area and wide range of ophthalmic scene.

    Current informatical society, eye fatigue, one of the typical modern diseases cause by eye accommodation issue is now easily discover by ACOMOREF2 series during screening basis. Accommodative Micro Fluctuation result will show in graph for easy reading, plus opacity detection function makes ACOMOREF2 the world first multi-functional Refractometer.

  • Optopol Revo NX OCT

    Optopol engineering team, designers of the first commercially available Spectral Domain OCT in the world, are proud to present the world’s fastest OCT. Our supreme experience in Spectral Domain OCT allows us to provide the market with the state of the art instrument, offering advanced technologies and remarkable simplicity of operation. The new REVO NX software meets all demands of a daily routine in a modern ophthalmic practice. The new angiography module expands the precision of your diagnosis with minimum patient fatigue.


    • Need for speed
    • OCT made simple as never before
    • A perfect fit for every practice.
    • High quality of OCT image
    • Angiography SOCT*
  • Optopol Automated Perimeter PTS 925W

    Despite its compact size, the 925W offers cutting-edge design and software capabilities. With 170 x 95 degree testing range (with fixation shifts), there is no scenario in which the PTS 925W could not play a role in glaucoma and other disease management. From precise macula tresholding and the binocular Esterman driving test-everything is withing reach.


    • Compact and rebust design
    • White on white testing
    • Goldmann standard bowl and stimulus
    • 170 x 95 degree testing range
    • 30-2, 24-2 and 10-2 testing fields
    • Thresholding on 24-2 and 30-2 in 3-4 minutes
    • Standard style printouts
  • Optopol Automated Perimeter PTS 920

    Being a continuation of a successful PTS 900 perimeter series, it offers the same ease of use and affordability.


    • 160 x 100 degree testing range
    • Goldmann standard and stimulus
    • Thresholding on 24A and 30A in 3-4 minutes
    • Full featured software in standard
    • Statistical package and Dicom interface
    • Optical Blue and Yellow testing
    • Standard style printouts
    • Maintenance free opertation
  • Optomed Smartscope® PRO

    Non-mydriatic digital fundus camera

    Smartscope® PRO is the next generation hand-held medical camera that provides high image quality which fulfills international ISO 10940 fundus camera standard requirements. Interchangeable modular optics make the camera even more versatile. The lightweight camera incorporates advanced technology in a portable design.

    Smartscope PRO camera provides accurate and silent autofocus which makes image capturing quick and easy. The camera is also equipped with Wi-Fi for advanced image transfer to any PC or mobile device.

    The Smartscope PRO comes with Patient Data Management software (sold separately) with full DICOM and PACS compliance to ensure seamless interoperability with hospital networks and practice management systems.

    Smartscope Pro M5WEY4ES2 includes Smartscope M5 handset with WiFi, Retinal module EY4, Eye Anterior module ES2, 2 x battery, cleaning cloth, 2 x eye cup, cradle, charger, USB cable, aluminium case.

  • Optomed Aurora IQ

    Market leader in hand-held fundus imaging. With the Optomed Aurora IQ, you can perform fundus screening anytime, anywhere.

    A new era for hand-held fundus cameras starts now

    • The first and only hand-held instrument with 50°FOV for wider clinical opportunities
    • Optomed Polaris proprietary lens technology optimized for high-quality retinal imaging
    • Easy-to-use totally new SkyLine user interface and Optoroller for enhanced usability
    • Improved battery-life and Dual Charger technology for uninterrupted workflow

    World leading lens technology

    • Proprietary world leading quality lens technology Optomed Polaris
    • Especially designed and developed for retinal imaging
    • Trusted technology used by leading manufacturers around the world
    • Allows high resolution images with improved clarity
    • Polaris includes ClearCoat coating for enhanced reflection control
  • Meibomask®

    Meibomask® is intended for being used in professional environments.

    This patented photobiomodulation technology solicits cell’s mitochondria for a better energy production and triggers biochemical and biophysical reactions that stimulate cells to make a better protein synthesis. Thanks to the light emission of LED matrix, the tear lipid layer is increased and stabilized.

    Meibomask® provides customized treatments based on the MGD severity level detected with Me-check® screening instrument. According to severity of meibomian glands loss, Meibomask® releases the correct amount of energy and treatment duration for the specific patient.


    • Lower and upper eyelids treatment: 100% of pathology
    • Direct treatment of meibomian glands
    • The LED matrix triggers eyelid endogenous heat and ATP production
    • This patented technology removes glands blockage, allows lipids to flow to complete tear composition. Improved lipid presence avoids fast evaporation of tears.
    • Visible results for the patient as from the first treatment
  • Medmont E300 USB Corneal Topographer

    The Medmont E300 USB Corneal Topographer offers the practitioner extreme accuracy for the mapping of a patients cornea. Utilising a PC, the patients full corneal history can be stored and accessed quickly and efficiently. A huge range of display options is now available providing the user with information that they previously would only have dreamed about!


    • Largest Capture Area of Any Placido Ring Topographer Providing Full Limbus to Limbus Coverage
    • Tear Film Surface Quality (TFSQ) Algorithm, Understand and Analyse Tear Film Breakup
    • Exceptional Accuracy With a Standard Deviation of Error of 2 _m, Considered the Gold Standard for Fitting Specialty Contact Lenses
    • Comprehensive Database of Contact Lens and Orthokeratology Lens Designs
    • Applications
    • Image capture
    • Corneal coverage
    • Contact Lens Fiting Software
    • Analysis And Display
    • Practice Management Intergration

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