CPMA maximizes outcomes for you and your patients. This package includes:

    • Clinical consultancy and support
    • Lens power calculation
    • Precizon Toric IOL
  • Corneal Trephines

    Ophtec’s Corneal Trephine has special cutting characteristics. Due to the extreme sharpness, the incision causes less deformation and distortion than usual and gives no wedge formation.

  • Cannulae

    We offer a wide range of ophthalmic cannulae to meet the unique needs of various techniques and procedures.

  • Surgical Knives

    We offer a wide variety of ophthalmic knives and blades to meet the unique needs of various techniques and procedures.

  • Corneal Shape Analyzer

    The Cassini offers true measurement of corneal astigmatism for premium surgical planning. The Cassini helps cataract and refractive surgeons better understand corneal properties to improve outcomes and increase premium patient volume.

    • Instantaneous auto-capture
    • Submicron accuracy
    • Innovative software
  • Progel


    Progel serves as a volume substitute for the aqueous humor during intraocular operations.

    • Free from preservatives
    • Steam sterilized
  • Capsular Tension Ring

    Model 275/276

    The Capsular Tension Ring (CTR) is indicated for the stabilization of the capsular bag in case of defective or absent zonulae and/or to reduce the risk of luxation or decentration of an intraocular lens.

    • Circular expansion and stabilization of the capsular bag
    • Safe IOL centration in eyes with zonular dehiscence
    • Reduced risk of capsular fibrosis
  • Robomarker G2


    The new and improved Robomarker G2 makes your pre-surgery markings more efficient and more comfortable for you and your patients.

    • Magnified optics
    • Illuminated Axis Dial
    • Larger handpiece

    Robomarker G2 is manufactured by Surgilum and distributed by Ophtec.

  • Robomarker

    A self-leveling corneal marker with pre-inked, sterile, disposable tips and integrated fixation light

    • Reliable axis alignment
    • Integrated fixation light
    • Improved accuracy

    With just two simple clicks the IOLMATIC® injector system is connected to the lens holder, loaded with the IOL and ready to use.

    • MDR approved Precizon packaging
    • Soft tip for 1-piece acrylic IOL
    • Ready to use with two simple clicks
  • Ringject Preloaded Capsular Tension Ring Inserter

    Model 375/376

    The Ringject is a preloaded capsular tension ring (CTR) in a single use injector.

    • Easy to handle
    • Total control
    • FDA approved
  • Precisal 3-piece

    Model 300AC

    Aspheric three-piece posterior chamber IOL with UV-absorbing hydrophobic acrylic polymer.

    • 3-piece IOL
    • In-the-bag fixation
    • Easy to use
  • Precisal

    Model P302AC/P302A

    Preloaded monofocal hydrophobic acrylic IOL.

    • Preloaded
    • No glistening
    • Less chromatic aberration
    • High Abbe number
  • Quadrimax

    Model 545

    Monofocal hydrophilic acrylic IOL.

    • Micro incision
    • One-piece IOL
    • In-the-bag fixation
  • Artisan Aphakia

    Model 205

    PMMA iris-fixated IOL designed for the correction of aphakia.

    • Iris fixation
    • Long-term clinical experience
    • Predictable, stable, reliable
    • Also suitable for retro-pupillary fixation
  • Precizon Go

    Model 580

    Precizon Go is a hybrid acrylic IOL designed to provide enhanced intermediate vision.

    • No compromise on distance vision
    • No visual artifacts
    • Solution for broad range of patients
  • Precizon Monofocal

    Model 560

    Monofocal hydrophilic acrylic IOL designed for the correction of aphakia.

    • Optimized PCO barrier
    • 2.2 mm micro-incision
    • Proven stability
  • Precizon Toric

    Model 565

    Hydrophilic acrylic toric IOL designed to correct astigmatism.

    • Aspherical cylinder
    • Pupil independent
    • Proven stability

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