• Ultrasound Machine E1

    E1 , as a new hand carried BW ultrasound model, is equipped with complete functions which enhance its competitiveness among entry level ultrasound models. It not only provides satisfying image quality but also brings users smooth workflow experience.

  • Ultrasound Machine S8 Exp

    Agile and Versatile
    With ultra-modern innovative design and the clinically-proven technologies, S8 Exp is well equipped as a low-physical-effort and enhanced-image-quality ultrasound scanner, which not only provides optimized solutions for versatile applications, but does help to improve the user-experience for both routine and non-traditional challenges. Working with S8 Exp, it will trigger your unlimited reverie and endow you with endless charm.

    Carrying forward the classical design of portable ultrasound products, S8 Exp successfully combines the best ergonomics, attractive design and ease of use. This charismatic identity is also enhanced by a sophisticated color palette—with sedate grey as its interior paint color and pearl white as exterior cover, S8 Exp reveals a style of aristocrat and strong character among ultrasound systems.

  • Ultrasound Machine S9

    Since releasing its first portable color Doppler ultrasound system, it has dedicated itself to the ultrasound field. From this dedication, a great deal of ultrasound technologies, especially in hand-carried systems have emerged. From this dedication, the S9 was released as a powerful and versatile imaging platform with a futuristic design. Compact, yet featuring comprehensive applications for cardiology, radiology, abdomen, obstetrics, gynecology, small parts and urology, S9 provides the best solution for ultrasound imaging through outstanding performance.

  • Ultrasound Machines E1 Exp

    Always looking to improve our products and to bring you the medical solutions you need, it has developed a new probe and function for the E1 Exp. With these additions the E1 Exp will bring users a more efficient examination experience with satisfying image quality and a smooth workflow.

  • Ultrasound Machine E2 Pro

    In pursuit of the excellent blend of cost performance and quality product properties, we have launched a new portable color Doppler ultrasound system, the E2 PRO. A streamlined system to make your work experience easier than any other entry-level system, the E2 PRO is packed with complete standard ultrasound functions and a full library probes for different applications.

  • Ultrasound Machine E2

    E2 is a color Doppler ultrasound system that reaches beyond your expectations due to its compact and fashionable appearance. It fulfills GI, OB/GYN, Cardiac and POC applications to fit your routine scanning needs while its color mode will help you for more accurate and efficient diagnosis of lesions. E2 provides wide range of applications to assist users for routine scanning. E2 provides automatic calculations to enhance your diagnostic confidence and save you time for patient communication.

  • Ultrasound Machine E3

    A brand new portable ultrasound system E3, brings you a distinct experience with traditional imaging technologies. E3’s accurate B mode and sensitive color signal give crisp, detailed images to improve your scanning experience while increasing your diagnostic confidence.

  • Ultrasound Machine X3

    Revolutionizing ultrasound scanning, the hand-carried color Doppler system X3 is equipped with advanced technology to present you with excellent image quality. Taking into account the various situations you may find yourself in, the X3 is extremely light weight and small with a laptop design providing you with an experience of extreme mobility and flexibility during any situation. X3, offers a wide range of transducers to fit your every need for clinical applications, and its professional exam modes will bring renewed confidence in your examinations.

  • Ultrasound Machine X5

    laptop styled color Doppler ultrasound system, the X5, revolutionized the ultrasound market. Designed as the go-to ultrasound in any setting at the bedside or aboard such as in an ambulance thanks to its light weight, small size and impressive durability. Packed with crystal clear imaging capabilities and advanced applications inside this small laptop system makes it the ideal system for use inside hospitals too. Be it the OR, emergency room or ICU, the X5 can be found and ready to use at any time.

  • Ultrasound Machine S12

    As the preferred compact ultrasound platform for today’s women’s health imaging challenges, S12 offers advanced Solutions for the needs of every woman at any stage of their pregnancy or any gynecologic exam. Loaded with a host of must-have, useful functions and a suit of extended applications, the S12 commits to provide superior endovaginal imaging and best-in-class fetal imaging for both 2D and 3D/4D acquisition.

  • Ultrasound Machine S22

    The latest S22 was designed in a user-friendly platform to address current and future demanding needs. It represents an excellent mix in performance and price.

  • Ultrasound Machine P9

    Ergonomically small and flexible in appearance while intrinsically strong in performance, the P9 color Doppler system expands the variety of advanced imaging functions to easily meet the needs of increasingly diversified clinical demands.

  • Ultrasound Machine P10

    The P10 color Doppler ultrasound system is designed to provide our clinicians with high quality images, abundant probe selection, various clinical tools and automatic analysis software. With the help of P10, a smart and thoughtful experience is created to address growing demand for different clinical applications.

  • Ultrasound Machine P15

    A feature-rich system inheriting the high-end platform, the P15 uses an array of advanced tools to help enhance the image quality. It’s a cost-effective, simplified console with an intuitive user interface and multiple intelligent functions.

  • Ultrasound Machine P20

    Incorporating innovative technologies, P20’s user-friendly designed with a simple operation panel, intuitive user interface and a variety of intelligent auxiliary scanning tools, will significantly improve your daily examination experience. Besides general imaging applications, P20 has entitled with diagnostic 4D technology which has an extraordinary performance in obstetrics and gynecology applications.

  • Ultrasound Machine P25

    Advanced Technologies for Unexceptionable Images

    Based on the years of technical accumulation in the field of ultrasound, P25 is empowered by  cutting-edge technology to provide high-definition images to vastly increase diagnostic confidence. The sophisticated features and rich probe configurations provide a comprehensive solution to manage all-aspects of the daily clinical practice with ease and certainty.

  • Ultrasound Machine P50

    Easily accomplish more with new P50 ultrasound system. Incorporating single crystal clarity, automatic corrections and calculation, and user defined flexibility promises a confident diagnostic experience as well as opening new doors of opportunity for ultrasound use.

  • Ultrasound Machine S50

    Adhering to its great image quality, Newly released S50 carries a comprehensive, upgraded platform, to become an epoch-making ultrasound system. It is equipped with powerful single crystal transducers, remarkable 4D functions and intelligent workflow, which greatly helps to meet a wide variety of general imaging needs. Outfitted with extraordinary software and hardware, S50 is a good balanced design, internally and externally. The quick response touch screen, mode switching and storage operations deliver a new standard with clarity and flexibility.


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