• BIOBASE BK-96A Fluorescence Quantitive Pcr Detaction System Thermal Cycler

    1. Whole block scanning and formulated line scanning mode, 96-well double-colour scaning takes only 5.5s
    2. 6 channels fluorescencedetection,no cross talk between different channels.
    3. Unique bottom detection,compatible to reaction volume down to 5μl
    4. New automatic hot lid,automatic open and close which is prevenT reagent evaporation
    5. LED excitation light source with super long service life
    6. New TE module with special technique to ensure long service life
    7. Available for a variety of scientific research and clinical applications.

  • BIOBASE BK-AⅠ BK-AⅡ Pcr Machine Thermal Cycler Pcr

    1. 7” colorfull touch screen, graphicallydisplay.
    2. Effortlessly interchangeable modules, swapped in seconds without tools.
    3. 10,000 protocols storable on board.
    4. Durable premium peltier element, ensure long life and high quality.
    5. Large storage of 10,000 programs on board, enhancing friendly operation.
    6. Update software through USB flash drive.
    7. Outstanding uniformity, producing best PCR result.
    8. Global universal switch power(85V-265V), increasing safety & reliability.

  • BIOBASE BK-EO BK-TC Digital Thermal Cycler Pcr Test Machine

    Brand BIOBASE

    Product origin CHINA

    Delivery time Within 7 days

    Supply capacity Factory Direct Supply

    BK-EO Features
    1. Intuitive interfaces
    2. Superior performance
    3. Multiple temperature control modes
    4. Gradient function thermal cycler
    5. Smart block
    6. Three modes of operation for your choice

  • Monkeypox Virus (MPV) Nucleic Acid Detection Kit (PCR-Fluorescence Probe Method)

    Monkeypox is a zoonotic disease caused by the monkeypox virus, which can be transmitted from animals to humans as well as from human to human. Monkeypox symptoms often include fever, severe headache, muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes, skin lesions, and more. According to the World Health Organization, more than 50 countries and regions around the world have reported confirmed cases of monkeypox. There is currently no cure for monkeypox, and the World Health Organization urges countries to strengthen surveillance and testing of the infectious disease.
    This product is based on real-time fluorescent PCR technology, selects the highly conserved region of the monkeypox virus gene coding region as the target region, designs specific primers and fluorescent probes for PCR amplification, and performs PCR amplification on patient serum and lesion leaching fluid (vesicular fluid, pustule fluid) Qualitative detection of monkeypox virus DNA in It is suitable for auxiliary diagnosis of related diseases caused by monkeypox virus infection.


  • Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Nucleic Acid Detection Kit (Fluorescence PCR)

    This product selects the ORF1ab and N gene regions of 2019-novel coronavirus, and designs two sets of specific primers and fluorescent probes that cover two sites of the gene at the same time. In order to control the entire extraction and detection process, human β-Globin gene was act as a non-competitive internal control during the extraction and detection process. The RT-PCR reaction solution is pre-mixed, which is convenient, efficient and easy to operate. It utilizes high-efficiency Taq DNA Polymerase and has strong stability. The kit could be used for auxiliary diagnosis and epidemiological surveillance of 2019-novel coronavirus infection.


  • Fluorescent Quantitative Detection System

    Real- time PCR is used for sensitive, specific detection and quantification of nucleic acid targets. We have developed powerful assay design algorithms, optimized qPCR regent, intuitive data analysis software, and flexible instrumentation to help harness the power of qPCR across a rich and diverse set of applications. Explore our robust solutions for your qPCR-based research.

  • PCR Cabinet PCR800 PC1000 PCR1200 PCR1300 PCR1500

    PCR operating cabinet is a kind of vertical airflow type equipment which can make the local environment with high cleanliness.

  • PCR Thermal Cycler TEC01

    The thermal cycler is an instrument that performs nucleic acid amplification by polymerase chain reaction.Mainly used inMedical institutions,clinical gene amplification testing laboratories that meet the requirements,scientific research institutes,universities,etc.


  • PCR Centrifuge tubes

    PCR grade products are made from virgin materials, sterile, RNAse, DNAse, human
    DNA and Pyrogen free.

  • PCR Microcentrifuge Tubes

    PCR grade products are made from virgin materials, sterile, RNAse, DNAse, human
    DNA and Pyrogen free.

  • PCR Strips & Caps

    PCR grade products are made from virgin materials, sterile, RNAse, DNAse, human
    DNA and Pyrogen free.


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