• Coaxial Micro-Stick Introducer Sets

    Micro-Stick Design

    Engineers designed the tip around enhancing the performance of the procedure.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Longer tip for a more gradual dilation of the vessel.
    • New, sleeker tip design features a zero-clearance transition between sheath and dilator, allowing a smoother insertion into the vessel.
    • Stiff version features a steel cannula inside the dilator, providing extra rigidity for accessing tough vessels.
  • KL20 Tubing Clamp

    An extremely durable tubing clamp made out of reinforced fibre glass plastic.

    The KL20 replaces expensive stainless steel clamps with a durable alternative without sacrificing safety or stability. Not only has it got tremendouos clamping force, it is also temperature resistant (autoclavable at 120º Celsius) & resistant to disinfectants. This also makes connecting & disconnecting catheters easier, due to its toothing & special construction. Made in Germany.

  • HEDclips

    These tubing clamps fit to clothing or bedsheets, reducing the risk of needle dislodgement. These can be used with only one hand!

    HEDclips do not require sterilisation and can be cleaned with aqueous or hydro-alcoholic solutions with a cleanser (e.g. chlorine dioxide, peracetic acid, glutaraldehyde, benzalkonium chloride) However, if it comes in contact with blood or becomes soiled, it can be cleaned at temperatures from 100°C up to 130°C.

  • Exit-Pocket WP Catheter Dressing

    The WP is a catheter dressing device which allows complete catheter isolation from water, minimising bacterial contamination risk & improving quality of life. For a patient a catheter implantation can limit one’s lifestyle, let alone when trying to avoid contact with water. One of the major infection causes related to a catheter dressing is the water contact and it is extremely important that catheter’s exit-site, as well as catheter’s lumen remains dry.

    The WP is a waterproof pocket closed on four sides, provided with an adhesive hole to be fixed to the skin. Also available with an opening/closing system at the bottom of the pocket. It can be applied autonomously onto cleansed skin, without requiring assistance.

    Designed for all catheter types and implant sites.

  • CitraValve HF

    A high flow needle free connector, designed to reduce infection, handling and open catheter hubs.

    Normally, double lumen catheters are opened/closed up to 12 times per week. Two lumens before dialysis, two lumens after dialysis, and three times per week. Each opening of the catheter lumen is a risk for catheter related bacteremia, by microbes entering the open catheter lumen. CitraValve is exchanged once a week, resulting in opening the catheter only 2 times weekly, which is a reduction of 6x openings of the catheter lumen per week. It reduces the risk of catheter related bacteremia, and it reduces handling by nurses. CitraValve is disinfected before connection to any luer-lock device (catheters, canules, infusion needles). All disinfection agents can be used.

  • Pro-Fuse CT

    Power Injectable Infusion Port

    The Medcomp Pro-Fuse CT Ports have been helping practitioners to deliver the highest level of diagnosis and treatment to patients since their inception. The Pro-Fuse CT Ports are constructed of a MRI-compatible, lightweight engineering plastic that allows for up to 5cc/sec power injection of contrast media for Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography (CECT) scans. Medcomp is now introducing a low profile power injectable port configuration that will help increase patient comfort and ease of insertion to its existing innovative port line.

  • Dignity CT

    Dignity CT Implantable Port

    The Medcomp Pro-Fuse CT Ports have been helping practitioners to deliver the highest level of diagnosis and treatment to patients since their inception. Medcomp is now introducing the Dignity line of power injectable ports. The Dignity Ports are constructed of a MRI-compatible, lightweight engineering plastic that allows for up to 5cc/sec power injection of contrast media for Contrast-Enhanced Computed Tomography (CECT) scans. The ergonomically designed Dignity Ports are available in intermediate and low profile sizes to provide increased patient comfort and ease of insertion.

  • Chronoflex 5F

    Chronoflex 5F Catheter

    Central Venous Catheter (CVC)
    Small but Mighty

    You need enhanced performance and low complication rates. Your patients need comfort.
    The Chronoflex 5F catheter is the solution. The smallest, most versatile CT power injectable catheter on the market, the 5F can be used with our family of Medcomp CT Ports. Ordering is simple with our full range of vascular access products and implantable ports.

  • Vascu-Picc

    • Innovative catheter design reduces post insertion bleeding and provides improved catheter strength.
    • Thermosensitive polyurethane material is both alcohol and iodine resistant.
    • Full range of catheter sizes from 1.9F to 5F
    • Available in single, double and triple lumen configurations.
  • Pro-Picc

    CT Rated PICC Catheter

    The Perfect Balance of Strength and Flexibility

    Innovative technology from Medcomp, has allowed for the combination of CT Power Injection capability and infusion therapy. The combination of both technologies in the Pro-PICC CT reduces patient trauma and risk associated with secondary venous access, improving patient comfort and clinical outcomes, while reducing overall costs to you and your facility. Through Medcomp’s continued advancement of vascular access products, you and your patients now have a powerful platform for infusion therapy.

    • Approved for both Infusion Therapy and CECT Injections.
    • Design allows for CT Injections for diagnostic imaging.
  • X-Series

    Features & Benefits:

    • Designed for upper abdominal or presternal placement.
    • Provides an option to patients who would otherwise not be candidates for peritoneal dialysis, including but not limited to those with obesity, floppy abdominal skin folds, and intestinal stomas.
    • MRI compatible design consists of two 15F Silicone catheters joined by a titanium barbed connector, ending in a coil to ensure gentle, adequate treatment.
    • 64cm catheter can be trimmed to accommodate all patients.
  • V-Series

    Features & Benefits

    • Design positions catheter in a downward position, both internally and externally.
    • Reduces stress at insertion site.
    • External Segment designed for simplicity in maintenance.
  • I-Series

    Features & Benefits:

    • Strategically placed side holes allow for increased flow and reduction of omental occlusion.
    • Wide 2.5mm radiopaque stripe maximizes visibility under X-ray.
    • Multiple configurations to meet all peritoneal patient needs.
    • MRI compatible.
  • Symetrex

    Symetrex combines RF tipping technology with a unique anti-wall suction design to produce a low recirculation, high flow catheter. Engineered & designed to preserve access, the catheter design is made to improve patient outcomes.

  • Split Stream

    The Split Stream™ is one of Medcomp®’s most versatile long term catheters.
    Two unique insertion techniques, the Split Cath® technique and the Tesio® Catheter technique, allows for flexible insertion procedures with secure tip placement and exact cuff position and tunnel creation.

    • Retrograde split tip catheter allows for more accurate placement.
    • Available in 14F and 16F in multiple lengths for all patient needs.
    • Removable hub aids in patient comfort.
    • Over-The-Wire version permits a “sheathless” technique, especially useful for left-sided procedures.
  • Split Cath III

    The Split Cath® III (3rd generation) utilizes all the features and benefits of the original Split Cath® along with the versatility of the new TRINIFLEX material. The soft, biocompatible TRINIFLEX material offers dramatic tensile strength and improved kink resistance when compared to silicone, carbothane & polyurethane catheters. Spit Cath III is compatible with alcohol based and iodine disinfectants.

  • Hemo-Flow

    The Hemo-Flow™ double lumen high flow catheter can be utilized for long term implantation where conventional means of access have been exhausted or are contraindicated. The exclusive fully biocompatible polyurethane material conforms well to vessel anatomy, resulting in higher patient tolerance during extended use. This polyurethane design resists breakdown from betadine and alcohol.
    Adequacy of dialysis, as measured by urea reduction, is directly related to mortality and morbidity in hemodialysis patients. High performance dialyzers and dialysis efficiency is tied to blood flow and venous backpressure. The 14.5FR Hemo-Flow high flow catheter provides high flows in excess of 400ml/mn. Low profile lumen to wall ratio in our dual lumen catheter is the key to enhanced flow. The thin wall polyurethane maintains kink resistance and kink recovery.


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